There would appear to be censorship in operation, without explanation, when I attempt public comments regarding the claimed performance of Burgess B (see earlier posts herein for more information re Burgess B). Below is a brief record.

On 17th August 2017 I discovered that a comment of mine re the YouTube video ‘Amazingly accurate clock finally recognised after 300 years – Guinness World Records’ had disappeared without any explanation. The video is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQAY-zFkVyQ. I posted a revised comment, without any direct links, which removed any doubt that the inclusion of such links might have been responsible for the disappearance of my original comment. The revised YouTube comment, which included a repetition of  the original attempt, minus the links, was as follows:

‘My original comment has disappeared, for some unexplained reason! Perhaps there was a rejection due to the inclision of direct links (albeit after a significant delay, which might suggest another reason for the deletion). So, here is another attempt to exercise my right to contribute a logical, polite comment, this time without any direct links:
COMMENT. There is insufficient space here for an adequate response to this claim. A full response is provided on the ‘soptera’ website, which can be found by searching (e.g. Google) for all of the two words ‘glathoppa’ and ‘harrison’. Go directly to the ‘Posts’ section and locate the post entitled: ‘Verification of John Harrison’s Claim of One Second in a Hundred Days?’ The claimants have thus far failed to respond with any logical, sound counter-arguments or to even begin to comply with the reasonable and scientifically correct requests in the above post. Until those perfectly fair conditions are met, I can only entirely reject the claims being made in this video.’

On 30th August 2017 I observed that my revised comment was also missing from the comments section of the above described YouTube video. I’ve now deduced that my comments are only visible to me when I log on as ”glathoppa”. However, it is also apparent that nobody else can see my comments, whether they are logged into YouTube under their own usernames or not. There are various potential reasons and, as far as I can determine, I’ve eliminated all of those reasons except one, which is that those responsible for uploading the video are censoring comments and have not, for some unexplained reason, approved mine for inclusion below their video.

To avoid any misunderstanding, none of my comments have, even in the slightest, represented any attempt whatsoever to make unreasonable demands. I emphasise that particular point, because others, who apparently have little understanding of the subject and/or perhaps the intelligence to ever understand it, have stated that my comments echo the appalling behaviour of The Board of Longitude in Harrison’s day. I have made it absolutely clear to any sufficiently enlightened and/or intelligent reader, both on this site and elsewhere, that what I am asking for is nothing more than a correct adherence to the universally accepted and respected “Scientific Method”. If anyone here is unaware of the difference between the behaviour of The Board of Longitude and the requirements of The Scientific Method, fair and simple enough starting points might be https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Board_of_Longitude and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method . Until The Scientific Method is correcly complied with by those broadcasting bold claims, those claims are, in my humble opinion, utterly worthless in scientific terms. My requests remain unanswered and unfulfilled.

Shortly before the above, on 22nd July 2018, I submitted my post Adjusting Harrison’s Precision Regulator System – updated post, 21st July 2018 as a comment on https://www.computus.org/decoding-harrison/#comment-1782. That link was supposedly an avenue for public input to a website announcing the claims for Burgess B, given that a ‘Comments’ section was included. Unfortunately, as per my experience of posting such comments on YouTube, the ‘computus’ site is apparently no less subject to unexplained censorship. As a consequence, my input has failed to appear on that site and my requests remain unanswered and unfulfilled.

The universally erected barriers to unbiased public discussion on websites announcing the claimed performance of Burgess B are now glaringly clear to me.

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