JOHN HARRISON (1693-1776)

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John Harrison was a pioneering scientist and horologist, most famous as the inventor of the first successful marine chronometer. He is also popularly known for the remarkable performance of his early land-based longcase regulators, despite mechanisms constructed almost entirely of wood. Near the end of his life, he declared that he had no reason to doubt that his latest land-based regulator project, commonly referred to as the RAS Regulator (see POSTS on this website), would generate an error of no more than one second in a hundred days. Sadly, he died before its completion.

Harrison also invented the grasshopper escapement (see note, below), his own designs of spring remontoire and maintaining power, the gridiron pendulum, the bimetallic strip and the caged roller bearing.

NB – The author of https://soptera.wordpress.com is not responsible for the accuracy of information on external websites. Nevertheless, the above links, treated with caution, will serve as a brief introduction to John Harrison and his achievements. A notable exception is Harrison’s grasshopper escapement, which has been universally misunderstood for almost two and a half centuries. Relevant, detailed explanations may be found in DOWNLOADS on this website.



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